Saturday 22 March 2014

Book Review: Goose by Dawn O'Porter

Dawn O’Porter has done it again. She has managed to write a book so realistic, so cringe-worthily believable that it could ring true for girls up and down the country.

Set a year or so after the end of Paper Aeroplanes (the fantastic first book in the series), Goose explores the harsh reality of friendship, growing up, relationships and growing apart. How will Flo and Renée deal with their upcoming exams? Make important decisions about their future AND find the time to cope with the most problematic issue in a straight teen girl’s life: BOYS!

I would have loved this book to have come out when I was 17. The age where the adult world seems to be just around the corner, and the comfort of school life is slipping ever further away. It’s a weird age between wanting to be treated like a grown-up, and trying to savour the moments of absolute silliness and immaturity.
I was absolutely thrilled to have won an advanced copy from Hot Key Books and devoured it in a day. I’ve already told all my girl-friends to read it when it comes out on April 3rd.

Based partly on Dawn and her friends’ life on the Isle of Guernsey, Goose is a wonderful read full of laugh out loud, embarrassing and truly heart-warming moments that even a woman in her mid-twenties can relate to.

One particular moment had me laughing for a full half an hour. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but once you’ve read it you will understand completely.

I’m a huge fan of Dawn O’Porter, so it wasn’t a shock that her writing is so funny and poignant. An interesting aspect of Goose was the topic of spirituality. Flo, after a horrible time losing her beloved father, finds solace and comfort in her local church, but Renée cannot for the life of her understand why. This new addition brings a whole new element to the plot and really adds even more depth to the complicated characters, making them even more relatable.

This read is a must for girls aged 17 upwards.
Seriously, go out and pre-order it now and you will not regret it.

It’s perfect for the summer holidays, lying on the beach, or even just on a rainy day here in dear Ol’ Blighty. Wherever you read it you will be thoroughly entertained.

Let’s be honest, us girls never grow up when it comes to boys and our best friends, now do we?

Goose by Dawn O’Porter is published by HotKey Books and on sale from April 3rd 2014.