Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Crochet Daisy Granny Square Cushion

Since summer is well and truly over I thought it was time to finally finish my daisy granny square cushion I had been working on.

For some reason it took me way longer than most of my other projects, mainly due to my hesitation to sewing the squares together. Such a tedious task, almost as annoying as sewing in ends!

I am so happy with the outcome though. It's so bright and inviting.

The pictures I have posted have been altered on instagram (yes, I am one of those!) So the colours might not look the same in all of them.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I want to see on the Big Screen.

I have seen this "post" done on a few blogs, and it just looks like such a fun idea.

Here are 10 books that I have read that I would love to see them on big screen/TV.


1. The Night Circus - The book was absolutely beautiful and it would make an even more beautiful movie.

2. TFIOS - ok, so it's currently being filmed as I type and it's going to be a huge hit, but i'm still allowed to be oh so god damned excited about it? Okay?!?!

3. Cinder/Scarlet - these books have such a unique take on well known stories and characters. I think the Sci-Fi aspect would translate well to the big screen.

4. Ready Player One - this would be awesome. It could be similar to Tron with the virtual reality world it's set in.

5. Rivers of London - Harry Potter meets the Metropolitan Police. This would be hilarious and a great way for older HP lovers to get their magic fix.

6. A Monster Calls - This hauntingly sad story would work well as a indie made short film. With atmospheric music and mood appropriate lighting and scenery. Beautiful.

7. Maus - I find Holocaust/WW2 literature endlessly interesting. I would love to see this graphic novel come to life in a more grown up animated movie. Controversial.

8. Paper Aeroplanes - A lovely, heartwarming coming of age story would be great as a TV series aimed at a teenage audience.

9. Looking For Alaska - because who doesn't like John Green?

10. Noughts and Crosses - i'm late to the show on this one. Having only read the first book in the series recently I feel that this book just NEEDS to be made into a movie. The social commentary it would create would be immense.

What's your top 10 books you want to see on the big screen?

Happy Reading

ps: please ignore the awful picture placement in this post. I was having major issues with blogger this evening. Grrrr.


Friday, 6 September 2013

My most anticipated reads...

Here are 3 books I am most looking forward to reading.

They may not be new, and they may not be popular and I may not even have them in my possession, but I sure as hell am excited to read them!

What are you most excited about reading at the moment?

Happy Reading!


Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Work Experience/London Book Haul: Part 1

One of the perks of working at a publishing house is the availability of books you are allowed to take home with you.
Of course, I have been taking advantage of this generous perk so I thought I would take some photos and post the books I have accumulated so far.

I have also purchased (well my Auntie actually bought it for me.) my first Orange Penguin Classic.
I haven't heard much about the title, but of course H.G. Wells is rather famous so it should be good. I'm too scared to open it though, as the pages are so flimsy/old!

Also, I may have mentioned before, but I had the fantastic opportunity to attend a book launch for:

You may know the well known poem by Edward Lear, well this book takes off straight after that story is finished. It's a beautiful children's book written by Julia Donaldson with stunning illustrations by Charlotte Voake. I just had to buy a copy at the event. The new story is so in tune with the style of Lear's original work that you would have thought he wrote it himself.

One of the best things about the event was that everyone was given either an owl or a pussycat mask. I went for the cat, of course. Meow.

What does your book haul from last week look like? I, for one, can't wait to get started on this interesting bunch!

Happy Reading.


Monday, 2 September 2013

Last 5 books I've read...

I thought I'd start a new "thing" where I write a list/wee review of the last 5 books I have recently read.
Hence the post know!
The idea is I post a picture of the book cover, a star rating of it and if I would recommend it or not.

I may write a more elaborate review about 1 or 2 of them, and if I do I will post the review in a link.

The last 5 books I've read are...

A Monster Calls - Patrick Ness

Star Rating: 4.5/7
Would I recommend it? Yes! It was incredibly moving and a great insight to the subject of terminal illness.

The Reason I Jump - Naoki Hishagida

Star Rating: 3/5
Would I recommend it? To parents/friends/teachers of those with ASD: definitely. To those with no interest in Autism, probably not. It was still an interesting read however.

Noughts and Crosses - Malorie Blackman

Star Rating: 5/5!
Would I recommend it?: Hell YEH I would. I am so excited to read the next book. Whenever I get around to it that is...

Moon Over Soho - Ben Arronovitch 

Star Rating: 4/5
Would I recommend it?: Only to those who have read the previous book in the series. This book (2nd in series) is much better than the first.

Wonder Girls - Catherine Jones

Star Rating: 3/5
Would I recommend it? Hmm, I wouldn't go out of my way to tell someone to read it, but if someone was to pick it up I would not dissuade them. It was enjoyable and easy to read.

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Work experience at Penguin. You know..the usual.


I haven't posted in..well over a month now. Shocking. I have been rather busy with temporary jobs and such so it's been hard to fit in the time to write an interesting blog post.

I guess the biggest news that I can write about is that I am currently in London as I type this post.

Why are you in London, Emma? I hear you ask.

Well, I am on a two week work experience at Penguin Books!

Words cannot describe how excited I was to read the email asking if I wanted to come and work in the Children's Marketing and Publicity department. Basically, my dream job!

I have just finished my first week and it's been even more amazing than I expected it to be.

I am surrounded by colourful and fun children's/YA books, people are talking about John Green as if they know him, and I had the opportunity to attend a book launch. ALL IN ONE WEEK!

It's been so refreshing and incredible to be around likeminded people who are as passionate about books as I am. It has definitely reaffirmed the idea that I want to work in publishing, and I hope this experience will lead on to great things. Fingers crossed I have made a good impression, as I know how terribly competitive and hard it is to start any career. Let alone a career in an industry as popular as Publishing!

I can only wait in anticipation to see what my second week of work experience has in store for me.

However, I know for sure that I will miss it terribly (and London) when I go back to dreary and boring Aberdeen next Friday.

Better make the most of this week!

Happy Reading.


Thursday, 25 July 2013

Double Book Review: Attachments and Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

I recently, well when I mean recently I really mean in the last month, finished Rainbow Rowell's first two novels Attachment and Eleanor & Park.

These books have created a rather big stir in the BookTube community as well as bloggers alike, so of course I just had to read them.


Beth and Jennifer are best friends working their local newspaper. Although in different departments they constantly communicate through their internal work email, however this is against the rules.
It is a very well known fact that everyone's emails are screened, they don't know who does it, but they do know that people are given warnings and reminded that certain language and conversations are not appropriate usage of work emails. This does not deter the two girls, and they go ahead like nothing is wrong. 
Lionel is the screener. He hates his job, he is under-challenged and even though the pay is good, his life is beginning to get him down. That is until Beth and Jennifer's conversation is flagged up on his computer screen. He can't help but smile when he reads about their daily life, and he becomes attached, almost obsessed with learning all about their interesting lives.

Lionel creeped me out, I guess it was his secrecy, but his behaviour was beginning to become obsessive and rather stalker-y. If this was in real life and I had a friend that behaved like Lionel I would be seriously worried about Beth/Jennifer's safety!
It was an easy and interesting read, but nothing I would rave about. The characters are relatable and the use of Email as a way of communicating story was a nice change to first person narrative.

Star Rating: 3/5

Eleanor & Park

Set over one year Eleanor & Park tells the story of Eleanor, a new girl at school who just doesn't fit in and doesn't want to, and Park who may not be a total jock but gets by just fine by keeping quiet and a low profile. A modern day Romeo and Juliet, or so they would have you think, their love isn't an easy one. Eleanor's family life is disruptive and unhappy, while Park's is practically idyllic. It portrays a realistic painting of first young love and the difficulties of teenage life.

This book has been given such rave reviews online that I was so excited to pick it up.
I must admit, I was rather disappointed.
Eleanor was annoying as hell, and tried to push everyone and everything away. She was afraid to show emotion and just frustrated me so much. I guess that was what RR was going for, but it was not a good way of making Eleanor readable or likeable.

It was very realistic, and sometimes sweet, but the characters, particularly Eleanor, were selfish and egoistic. Not a very enjoyable read if you don't like that sort of thing.

Star Rating: A very small 3/5

Have you read either of these books? What did you think?
I'm very weary to read Rainbow Rowell's latest book Fangirl, as I was just not impressed with her previous, but I expect I will give it a go.

Happy Reading.


Monday, 1 July 2013

Book Review: Brooklyn Girls - Gemma Burgess

I was lucky to be sent this book by the publisher after I saw Gemma's tweet asking for people who would be interested in reviewing it.
As it was my first encounter with the New Adult genre I was excited to get started and to see what I thought about this controversial type of books.

There seems to be a love/hate relationship about NA. I presume those who read YA might not be interested in the type of topics that would be involved with New Adult, and vice versa.

Based in Manhattan Brooklyn Girls tells the story of a group of friends, who having just graduated from college (university!) have to deal with the new and scary adult world. It's not as easy as they thought it would be. The first book focuses on Pia, and the next book will focus on another member of the book.  

Brooklyn Girls is realistic in one sense, and quite fictional in the other. Although I can relate to the feelings and emotions of Pia and her friends, all of the crazy and scary things that happen to her seem to vanish in the blink of an eye, everything seems to go right in the end. Which is not always the case in real life.

It's an enjoyable and quick read, although not normally the type of book I would normally pick up. I would recommend it as a great beach/summer read.

It's on sale from Thursday 4th July.

Happy Reading!


Thursday, 27 June 2013


Who doesn't like cheesecake? The thought of cheese and cake being combined into one food item is pretty grotesque, but my god whoever created this creamy and indulgent dessert is a genius.

OK, I would eat this during the day, who am I kidding when I say this is a dessert?

Recently I made an amazing cheesecake from the BBC Good Food website. The recipe is called "Strawberry cheesecake in 4 easy steps" and it is indeed easy..I would go on to say it was easy peasy lemon squeezy. How cheesy...

I have my Grandad's 80th Birthday this weekend, so I will definitely be making one to share with everyone.

Considering it's Tennis season (YAY WIMBLEDON...GO MURRAY!) this cake is absolutely perfect for those having garden parties.

I am desperate for a slice right now...

What have you been baking this summer?

Happy Baking!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Crochet Catch-up.

I've been super busy these last few weeks. I finished my (2nd) first year at University so it was a bit hectic trying to get last minute assignments handed in, and studying for exams.
However, I have been able to get back into the crafty mood.
I am not sure if that's due to me procrastinating, or trying to find anything to stop me from studying. Oops.

Originally this was meant to be posted a week or so ago, but i've been away in Spain as well as temping. Busy, busy, busy. Another excuse...I know. Shocking.

Just thought I would write a wee post about a few of the things I have been playing with in the last few months.

First of all I tried my hand at making a hat. I had never made one before, so thought the best idea would be to do a tiny one first, and if it worked out I would do another in a bigger more suitable size.

The pattern used was found on BobWilson123's YouTube page. If you find patterns difficult to read I would definitely recommend watching the videos on YouTube and copying them. It really works.

Please excuse the bear, he was the only thing in the house small enough to model a baby's hat.

Recently I have become more and more obsessed with Zpagetti Yarn and all the fancy things you can make it with. I bit the bullet and finally bought some last weekend, and following this pattern on the fabulous Dandelion Days blog, I whipped up this gorgeous rug in one evening. It took no time at all once I got the rhythm and was used to the strength needed to crochet with the thick yarn and 12mm hook.

Finally, I crocheted a cozy for a jam jar using the pattern on the Lulu Loves website. I am going to use this empty jam pot to make a Book Jar. Basically, you put the names of all the books you have yet to read and when you finish a book you pick another one, not knowing what it is. How great is that?!?!

What have you guys been making recently? Any summer projects coming up?

Happy Crocheting


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Book Review: The Knife of Never Letting Go - Patrick Ness

4 1/2 Stars

I have read my fair share of YA Dystopian novels, most of which contain a female protagonist running from a suppressive regime. Fighting for the little guy, doing what's right.

This book was a surprising relief from what I had learned to expect from this type of novel. 

Centered around Todd Hewitt (yes, that's right...a boy!), The Knife of Never Letting Go pulls the reader into a world where all the women have died, Todd is the youngest member of society, and all the men can hear each other's "Noise". Basically everything they think, want to say, have said/seen in the past is constantly on show for the rest to hear.

When Todd goes out into the swamp in search of apples he stumbles across something that he never thought he would ever find: silence. His world will never be the same again. 

Ben and Cillian, the only parent like figures he has ever known, force him to flee town and go on the run. For what reason, Todd does not know. 

Todd has to grow up quickly, even though according to his culture, he doesn't become a man for another 2 weeks. He struggles with his morals, loyalty and conscious battling things he thought he would never have to. 

This book is exciting, fast paced and somewhat un-put-down-able. With tinges of romance and some gory action scenes The Knife of Never Letting Go is suitable for everyone.

My favourite thing was his relationship between Todd and his dog Manchee.
Did I mention that because of the Noise everyone can hear what animals are saying too? 
Yeh, dogs can talk!
If that's not an incentive to read this book, I don't know what is.

Has anyone else read the other two books in this series?
I am really looking forward to starting them. I was definitely left on a cliff, hanging. 


Monday, 3 June 2013

Book Review: Death Comes to Pemberley - P.D. James

This book is perfect if you love Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice in particular. 
Unfortunately I wouldn't be classed as a fan of either.
I still enjoyed this book thoroughly, however.
Having read Pride and Prejudice as well as seeing the movie, it was a great transition and it was as if Jane herself had written a sequel. 

Every time someone asked what I was reading, and saw the author, exclaimed that they had heard of P.D. James. Must admit, I had not. 
I was promptly told that some of her work had been made into TV shows, which explained why people recognised the name.

It leads on from the marriage of Elizabeth and Darcy (Spoiler if you haven't read P&P) as well as her sisters, and centres around a gruesome murder that occurs on the Darcy's land. Suspicions are high, confusion is in abundance and the story goes somewhere you never thought it would. It keeps you guessing and thinking right until the end.

Death Comes to Pemberley successfully continues the world famous story of Pride and Prejudice and the relationships between the characters are 100% accurate.
Actually, we see different sides to the beloved characters and it makes you think about P&P in a different light. What we we thought about certain people after reading Pride and Prejudice may not be how you feel once you read Death Comes to Pemberley.

After reading this I am not sure if I would read any more of P.D. James' work, crime fiction is not really my cup of tea. I cannot fault her talent, and this book was highly entertaining, but give me some romance/comedy any day.

Happy Reading.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Book Review: Ready Player One - Ernest Cline

Sorry for the lack of action on here in the last month or so. I have been really busy with Uni, then the Easter holidays came and I was off to American for a few weeks. Lots of fun.

Whilst waiting in the airport for my flight home I found this book and I immediately bought it. There have been a few good reviews on it, so I was really excited to see what it was like.

I was happily surprised that the author lived in Austin, and so it was fate that I had to read it. Austin is my home, well not really, just symbolically.

Wade Watts is your typical teenager living in 2044. Trying to escape from the ruined world outside him he immerses himself in the virtual reality computer program OASIS. When OASIS's creator James Halliday dies, he sets out to give his unbelievable fortune to whoever finds his hidden object in the OASIS. Wade, also known as Parzival online, sets out to crack the code and find the object before a large corporation does. It's a race against time and powerful bad guys. It's exciting, gripping and heartwarming all at the same time.

What I loved about this book was how easily you were transported into the virtual reality world of the OASIS and then back into the real world of the characters. I thought I would get confused with who was doing what and where, but it was really easy to follow.

The characters were really likeable and believable, and it also served as an insight into the future where everyone lives their lives online.
You root for the goodies, and hate the baddies. There are a lot of references to the 80's and even though most of them were beyond my knowledge, it still sets the scene perfectly.

There are connotations to life in the 21st century, as we are constantly online and always pining for the good old days of yore. Even fashion now-a-days is influenced by our parents generation and the need for retro products and things are ever so apparent in our every day lives.

This book is fun, exciting, and unputdownable.

Rating: 4.5/5

Have you read it? What did you think?

Happy Reading


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A story about my curves...

It's not often that I write personal blogs about...well my personal life, but after some encouragement from my beautiful friend Lauren I have decided to write about my Scoliosis experience.

I am aware that this sometimes painful condition rears its evil head in teenage years, especially girls, so it seems appropriate for me to write about it. Having come through the other side so to speak.

I was diagnosed with Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) when I was one. My mum noticed that my head was constantly tilted to the side, and there are pictures of me on my first birthday and it looks like my ear is stuck to my shoulder. Cute, but obviously quite scary for my parents who had no idea what was wrong.

Added to that I had Ventricular Septal Defect, basically holes in my heart, and I was not growing as well as I should have been for a toddler.
After many tests they could not diagnose me with any specific "syndrome" so the doctors basically just said I had these different issues that could be helped and managed.

To keep my spine as straight as it could be I was put into a back brace. When I was 2yo I was so small that this meant a full body cast from my neck to groin, as they couldn't make a plastic brace small enough. Awww. I must have stank. It's hard enough keeping an arm cast smelling clean, let alone a full body one.

My other braces included a horrendous contraption that went write up my neck to keep my head straight. Most of these I had to keep on 23 hours a day. I was brace free by 15 I think.

I have also had at least 7 (I can't really remember how many ha!) operations to insert titanium rods, fix broken rods (I have no idea how they broke, because they are pretty darn strong!) and eventually to fuse my spine so it wouldn't move anymore. After the spinal fusion I didn't have to wear back braces anymore. I can't really imagine how I coped with them for so long, but I guess if you are used to it then you just deal with it.

People who wear braces into their adult life, or who are just getting them for the first time..I applaud you.
You are brave and  resilient and I commend your strength to deal with braces, especially when it's warm outside! I used to hate going outside in the sun when I had to wear my brace, and it was only when I become brace free that I started loving the sun again.

A lot of people have mentioned pain with Scoliosis, and I must be honest, I have not really experienced any pain at all. I remember having sore hips every now and again, but nothing serious. I feel so lucky that I didn't experience the almost debilitating pain that some people get.
My curve is pretty much an "S" shape, one of which is around 90 degrees? I'm not sure really, I just went to the appointments and just did what they said.  Never listened to the medical jargon. I was only young!

In my adult life my curves haven't really affected me. I am small for my age (just under 4ft I think) but that has nothing to do with my Scoliosis. Nobody knows why i'm this small, I'm not technically a dwarf because I haven't been diagnosed with a syndrome. I am just small and proportioned with a squiggly back. Yes my back is rather lumpy, and I sometimes get self conscious wearing tops that would show off my back. But if I see a gorgeous dress/top that I want to wear I just leave my hair down and just don't think about it.

My condition doesn't define me, and it shouldn't define you too.
If you are suffering from scoliosis, just think it's just a moment in your life where you are going to have to deal with things. These things will only make you stronger as cliche as it sounds. Scoliosis is manageable and can be treated and

If you get through all that, thank you for reading.
If you would like to read another girl's story about her scoliosis journey please visit Shona's blog.
She is a lovely girl who is going through a tough time in her fight for some pain relief.
Keep going Shona, it will get easier :)


Monday, 25 March 2013

Help…I need somebody...

Ladies of the beauty blogger world!
I need some help. I am attending a wedding in Houston at the weekend, yes I am going to America for a wedding..HOW EXCITING.
Obviously staying for more than a few days, I can't wait to see all my old friends and hopefully get away from this horrible weather! Boo.
Anyway, I bought this dress from Topshop, thankfully before it sold out.

On Wednesday I am getting my nails done, gel nail extensions, but I have NO clue what colour to go for. I'm thinking a contrasting colour, to give the dress a bit of pop?
I'm wearing pearls as a necklace, and cream mary jane pumps. I feel like I'm in Hairspray when I wear this dress, and that can only be a good thing! 

Now I just need to find my own Zac Efron……sigh. 

I am horrendous at matching colours, especially contrast, so any advice would be great. If I get a nice colour I am thinking of getting a matching bag/accessories for the big day.

What do you think?


Sunday, 24 March 2013

Review: The Silver Linings Playbook - Matthew Quick

There are not a lot of times where I don't know what to think about a book I have read. I either love them or hate them. If I hate them, then I usually don't finish them.

The Silver Linings Playbook was one of those books where you are stuck right in the middle.
I didn't know whether to stop reading it because I just wasn't getting it, or if I should just continue on because I wanted to know what happened?

Due to the recent interest in the novel, which was inevitable when the movie adaption was released recently with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence playing the starring roles...

Actually, one moment. Can we just talk about how amazing Jennifer Lawrence is? I wasn't that enamoured by her in The Hunger Games, but after watching some of her interviews it is safe to say she is the best. Funny, down to earth and does not take herself too seriously. Oh, and she won an Oscar for Best Actress at age biggie.

Back to the review...This interest encouraged me to read the book, and having seen other people's reactions to it I thought it would be a great read.

I am not sure whether I was reading it differently from others, but I found the main characters to be extremely annoying.
Perhaps this was a tactic used by quick, to return the adults back to child like personalities to enhance their vulnerability?

Not knowing much about mental health, which is the main subject of the novel, I was not able to relate to the characters, and their actions confused me. It did however make me think about how people react to those with mental health issues, which could only be a good thing.

I loved the use of dancing to 'dance away depression'. I only wish it was a larger part of the story. The story just seemed so rushed and I did want to know more about the characters.

Overall the book was interesting, however annoying the characters were. I am definitely going to watch the film, but I've heard that it's different from the book. Bradley Cooper is in it, so even if I hate the film it will be lovely watching him. hahaha.

I would give it a 3/5.

Have you read The Silver Linings Playbook? What did you think?

Happy Reading


Saturday, 23 February 2013

A Beauty Dilemma.

Beauty Bloggers of the World (or most likely Scotland ;)). I am need of assistance.

A few months ago, well probably more than a few, I came across L'Oreal's Studio Secrets Anti Shine Mattifying Primer.

I instantly fell in love. It gave a great base to my make up, and it made my skin feel so silky smooth.
However, I seem to be late in the game in finding this wonder product. I recently went to re-purchase my favourite primer only to be told that it had been discontinued.

The lovely, LOVELY lady at Boots sensed my disdain and gave me the last tester she had of the product. Is that a bit weird? So I have a little bit left to keep me going...but not for long. 

That is what desperation does to a girl.

Now that I can't get the product anymore, I am on the look out for a similar product that is just as good.

Over to you...

What are your favourite primers at the moment?
I like ones that are quite gel based, but not greasy. Something that goes a long way.

Would love to hear your suggestions.


Monday, 21 January 2013

Happy New Year!

So it has been nearly two months since I last wrote a proper post on here. The rush of Christmas, work, uni etc seemed to have grabbed hold of me and I have just about made it through the other side.

Saying this, I am currently in the middle of exams, so it is probably not the best time for me to be spending it blogging. Any excuse to procrastinate from studying! Am I right?

I have, however, had time to continue crocheting. Yay!
It's so relaxing, and so extremely satisfying when you give a gift to someone that you have made yourself.

Here is a couple of pictures of the things I have been working on.

A granny square blanket I made for my granny. Get it? I know, smart.

A two coloured cushion. Pink on one side, purple on the other.

Wishing you all the best for 2013. Make it a good one!

Emma :)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Top 10 Books of 2012

Ok, so I said this list was in no order, but TFIOS was by far the best book I read last year.
It was just spectacular, and I recommend it to everyone.

What were your favourite books of 2012?
What are you looking forward to reading this year?

Emma :)