Sunday, 8 July 2012

Awesome Authors: #1 John Green

Hello Readers,

Everyone has their favourite authors, and of course I am no exception to the rule.

I thought I would start a regular (hopefully) feature that looks at who I am rating at the moment, and why that author is capturing my imagination.

My first Awesome Author is someone a lot of people are aware of.

Mr John Green.

He is most commonly known for his awesomely funny YouTube Channel he has run with his brother Hank for many years, but to others he is fast becoming one of the most prolific writers in YA literature.

His popularity may have stemmed from his loyal following of Nerdfighters, but even without them it is safe to say his talent, charisma, and wit shines through the pages of his books. John is able to create worlds that are not only excruciatingly relatable, but can also incite discussions, passion and genuine emotion in his readers.

Why do I love him?
Although I am years older than most of the characters he writes, most of which are teenage boys I may add,  I have never had such a personal and emotional connection to them. They have made me think about my own behaviour and relate to different aspects of their personalities and feelings.
Whilst reading The Fault in Our Stars, Green's most recent book, I had such an emotional reaction, that I finally understood the impact that the written word can have on a person and fuel my passion for learning about "all the things"* to do with writing.

My Favourite Book?
The Fault in Our Stars. By far his best work. I recommend it anyone and everyone who mentions books at all, ever.

My Least Favourite Book?
Although I have enjoyed reading all of his work so far, I would have to say that An Abundance of Katherines was not the most enjoyable read.
That may be due to the fact that there was a large amount of mathematical formulas and jargon in it that went completely over my head. I am crap at maths.

Suitable for Fans of?
Young Adult, contemporary love stories and relatable characters that will make you laugh a lot.

What do you guys think of John Green? What's your favourite book of his?

I would love to know who your favourite authors are. I am always in the search for new reads and love to read/hear/see about people's passion for books.

Happy Reading!!!


*"all the things" is a quote directly from John/Hank they use on their channel. Just in case anyone was wondering why I had put it in quotations. ha.

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