Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I want to see on the Big Screen.

I have seen this "post" done on a few blogs, and it just looks like such a fun idea.

Here are 10 books that I have read that I would love to see them on big screen/TV.


1. The Night Circus - The book was absolutely beautiful and it would make an even more beautiful movie.

2. TFIOS - ok, so it's currently being filmed as I type and it's going to be a huge hit, but i'm still allowed to be oh so god damned excited about it? Okay?!?!

3. Cinder/Scarlet - these books have such a unique take on well known stories and characters. I think the Sci-Fi aspect would translate well to the big screen.

4. Ready Player One - this would be awesome. It could be similar to Tron with the virtual reality world it's set in.

5. Rivers of London - Harry Potter meets the Metropolitan Police. This would be hilarious and a great way for older HP lovers to get their magic fix.

6. A Monster Calls - This hauntingly sad story would work well as a indie made short film. With atmospheric music and mood appropriate lighting and scenery. Beautiful.

7. Maus - I find Holocaust/WW2 literature endlessly interesting. I would love to see this graphic novel come to life in a more grown up animated movie. Controversial.

8. Paper Aeroplanes - A lovely, heartwarming coming of age story would be great as a TV series aimed at a teenage audience.

9. Looking For Alaska - because who doesn't like John Green?

10. Noughts and Crosses - i'm late to the show on this one. Having only read the first book in the series recently I feel that this book just NEEDS to be made into a movie. The social commentary it would create would be immense.

What's your top 10 books you want to see on the big screen?

Happy Reading

ps: please ignore the awful picture placement in this post. I was having major issues with blogger this evening. Grrrr.


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