Thursday, 22 November 2012

I'm addicted...

To crocheting. I've done a bit before, but after starting my 4 week course it's safe to say I have become obsessed.

The aim of the course was to make Granny Squares, and this week we accomplished just that!
It was surprisingly easy to follow, once you know the basic stitches and how to read the pattern.
I have been making granny squares ever since. Even to the extent of taking my needle and yarn to my University lecture Oops!

My first Granny Square!
After a couple attempts it finally came out good!!

It was amazing to see how different everyone's square's looked like. I guess it all depended on the tension, but mine was much smaller and tighter than the others.

Group Granny Squares.

At home I got experimentin' and worked out, via the wonderful internet, how to add a new colour onto the square. I'm not particularly sure I started it off correctly, but it still looked great at the end.

Two coloured Granny Square.

I also taught myself to create cute little flowers! They are so quick and easy to make. Again, I think I read the pattern incorrectly as I was only able to manage five petals instead of six, but I guess it made my lil flower more special!

My cute pink flower.

So, it's been a very busy but fun week of crocheting.
Really looking forward to see what I can come up with next, and to find a new pattern to try something new!

I would love to see other people's first creations.
What did you make when you were first learning to crochet?



  1. Hi Emma, Your Granny Square looks amazing! Well done you for doing the colour change too. If you get stuck I have a free tutorial on my blog for both granny squares and colour changes - it's a good method as it looks really neat & there is no sewing in of ends to deal with. Thanks for following my blog.
    Ali x

  2. I really like crocheting as well! I haven't done it in the longest time though. I think I prefer knitting to crocheting. I feel like I can do more with two needles than one!

    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  3. Oh yes, crocheting is SO addicting!